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A group of strippers looking to score big with a drug deal soon find themselves hunted by a hammer wielding maniac.

Heather is broke. She has a soul sucking job as a stripper. Her live-in girlfriend Victoria has a baby and a coke problem. Her boss Harry is an abusive maniac. Life cannot get much worse…or so she thought. Determined to get out of this living hell, Heather and her lover, Bunny, plan to rip off Harry, ditch Victoria, and leave town to live out their days on the Greek islands in peaceful bliss. One big score is all they need, and Harry gives them the opportunity when he asks them to take care of a drug deal with one of his clients at an old warehouse. As Heather and her friends arrive, everything seems to be going fine until they make a grizzly discovery and are trapped inside by a rambling, religious maniac hell-bent on purifying the Earth of its sins through murder and destruction. Armed with a carpenter’s hammer and a fanatic passion, the Cross Bearer hunts Heather and her friends down one-by-one in a sadistic crusade to burn clean the filth of the world. Heather’s dreams are shattered and if she survives nothing will ever be the same. Unflinchingly raw, primal, and horrifying, Cross Bearer is a trip to the darkest, most vile side of humanity.

Featuring music by CKY & Today is the Day!

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“An apt about-face for the (slasher) genre. A showcase of gore effects reminiscent of a darker, more modern Herschell Gordon Lewis. There are no pretty bows to wrap up Cross Bearer (including its lingering and effective ending), but it’s a slasher that takes responsibility for its sins and has a hell of a time doing it.”
- Patrick Dolan – Rue Morgue

“This is a slasher film that absolutely knows no bounds and grabs you by your throat and does not let you go. After watching this film, I need to take a bath and wash off all the grime and seek out therapy. I am impressed by this film… this is not the future of film, this is today and right fucking now.”
- James D – WickedChannel.com

“A really cool homage to old school horror films. Mysterious, simplistic, and suspenseful – a grungy, dirty version of a classic horror film – I have to say, director Adam Ahlbrandt could easily knock Rob Zombie out of the market if he could acquire bigger budgets.”
- Horror Society

“Director Adam Ahlbrandt‘s dark and twisted tale left nothing to the imagination.  The scenery and unnerving soundtrack gave life to some graphic bloody death scenes…this is pretty much what I look for when watching horror.”
- Filmbalya.com

*** WARNING *** This film contains violence, gore, explicit language, nudity, and sheer brutality!  Not rated and intended for mature audiences only.






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